I was born in Rome, Italy, of a German mother and an Italian father, and lived in Italy for about thirty years.

My mother tongue is ITALIAN, which even now I keep studying and perfecting.

Since my earliest schooldays, I showed exceptional qualities of learning and inventiveness. When I started learning English, all my teachers were amazed at how naturally I could pick up a foreign language.

At the end of my High School studies I studied for one year English Language and Literature at “La Sapienza” University in Rome.

After spending the next summer in London, improving my English skills, I enrolled in the Translation and Interpretation School at the University of Trieste, also known as SSLMIT. There, at one of the most celebrated Language Schools in Europe, I was able to perfect my academic knowledge.

I intensively studied Italian (including the mastery of grammar, linguistics, literature and translation techniques) and three foreign languages:

ENGLISH is my first foreign language, in which I attained a near-mother-tongue level. I have lived for extensive periods of time in England and in the US.

FRENCH is my second foreign language. I studied grammar, literature, linguistics, French institutions and specialized translation. I toured all of France, and lived for some time in Paris, in Lyon and on the French Riviera.

GERMAN is my third foreign language. I studied German at University, and reached good levels of comprehension and expression, particularly mastering verbal communication. I visited my German family in Hamburg, and stayed in various towns in Germany.

After obtaining my Master’s Degree in Translation of English and French, I lived in Southern California for a few years. I became interested in learning SPANISH, which I currently speak with remarkable fluency.