As my academic background is specifically in the field of translation, I provide state-of-the-art translation services of any kind of document.

My work experience in specific fields is multifarious, and my approach shows extreme attention to detail, resulting in translations of the highest quality.


The localization of websites consists in their translation as well as in their adaptation to the target country and/or culture.

I am able to provide full-featured localization packages, thanks to my extensive familiarity with software used in web design, as well as with several programming languages.


I am an expert in bridging the communication gap between European speakers, in both business and personal environments.

I can provide in-person interpretation as well as three-way-calling interpretation over the phone.


Wherever I am around the world, I am available to tutor single persons for the improvement of their language skills. Both business professionals and European language enthusiasts have enjoyed my lessons enormously.

I have taught Italian and French to Anglo-Saxon speakers and also English as a second language to foreigners.

My lessons are particularly appreciated by professional translators wishing to improve their English language skills as well as their knowledge of the anglo-saxon culture.